How Long Does A Dzungarian Hamster Live?

Hamsters are one of the most wound animal houses. These cute pussies are liked by both children and adults. The most pressing issue that arises before buying rodents concerns the length of their life. How to find out the age of the animal, and how long does the Dzungarian hamster live?

How Long Does A Dzungarian Hamster Live?

How old is the Dzungarian hamster?

Having decided to have a pet, we, of course, expect that he will be with us for many years. This is especially important if the fluffy is purchased for a child for whom the death of a beloved animal can become a huge stress. Under natural conditions, Dzungarian hamsters rarely live more than a year and a half, because they are always exposed to various dangers. Diseases await them, larger predators hunting them, rodents suffer from malnutrition. Getting the necessary care and love from people at home, these animals can live much longer than the specified period. So how long does a Dzungarian hamster live at home?

Determine the age of the pet

  1. Young animals are very active and curious, always strive to communicate with people, enthusiastically run around the cage and enjoy various sweets with pleasure. Rodents at the same age are more calm and slow. They live a measured life, like to sleep and try to take refuge in their house.
  2. Determine the age of the hamster and its appearance will help. The fur coat gets its first color within a week after birth. But after 14 days it becomes not only thick and smooth, but also, as a rule, changes color to a permanent darker color.
  3. The age of the animals gives out their weight and length. Usually at 2 months, the size of the babies does not exceed 8 cm, and already at 5 months of age, the hamster weighs up to 40 g. Therefore, if you want to determine the age of your pet, you should definitely weigh and measure it.
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What affects mortality

In order for the rodent to live with you as long as possible, you need to surround it with care and attention. Most often, the reasons shortening the life of a domestic rodent are:

  • severe overeating;
  • serious injury;
  • incurable disease.

The life conditions of the Dzungar hamsters have a direct impact on the conditions in which they live, what the rodents eat, and how healthy and active they are. Consider these factors in order, because their observance will help to significantly increase the time that the animal can spend with you.

Conditions of detention

Dzungarian hamsters do not get along with each other, so each animal necessarily needs a separate house for living. If you still decide to put together several animals at once, expect constant quarrels and fights over the territory. A properly equipped house will also help to increase the life of a rodent to several years. Please note that cotton wool should never be used for these purposes, since it can cause serious harm to his health if the Dzungarian hamsters decide to taste it and swallow the fibers.

It is best to use clean paper shredded into small pieces. Just do not forget to change it as necessary so that the pet feels comfortable in the cage. General cleaning should not be carried out more often than once a week.

It is equally important that the cage with the rodent is located away from various household appliances. The loud sound of a radio, television, or computer can scare a lot of pussies and affect the duration of his life. In addition, they do not like direct sunlight. Therefore, so that your animal does not feel discomfort, and feels safe, be sure to choose the right place to place his house. Remember, if you manage to create the conditions for your pet that he needs, this will significantly increase his life span at home, because in caress, care and love, Dzungarian hamsters can live a record number of years for hamsters.

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Nutrition and Activity

How Long Does A Dzungarian Hamster Live?

Nutrition Affects Life Activity

Do not forget to change the water in the drinker. It is necessary to constantly monitor its purity and quantity. It is also important to cleanse the cell of food debris in time, otherwise it may begin to rot, which will lead to the spread of harmful bacteria and microbes in the house, which can negatively affect its health. Separately, it is worth mentioning that hamsters pay great attention to their appearance. This type of rodent is very clean. They like to take sand baths. To pamper your pet, arrange a bathing day for him once a week. To do this, pour sand in a special container and place the animal there, playing, it will clean its fur coat on its own.

For a long life, Dzungarian hamsters need constant active movement, otherwise they will suffer from excess weight. To do this, equip the house with special devices in the form of a running wheel, stairs and tunnels, and your pet will definitely please you with funny somersaults. Most importantly, it will certainly help you extend his life.

Rodent diseases

When wondering how long the Dzungarian hamster lives, it is important to carefully monitor the health of the animal, because for such a small creature, any disease that can shorten its already short life can be dangerous. Symptoms that indicate the onset of the disease are:

  • weak activity of the animal;
  • lethargy and drowsiness;
  • labored breathing;
  • deterioration of the coat;
  • poor appetite.

To make the fluffy live longer, avoid such home injuries as scratches that he may get in a fight with other rodents, and bruises of his legs from falling from a height. Jungar hamsters are also exposed to colds, which, as a rule, appear in them in the form of sneezing and sniffling. Keep in mind that if the animal is poorly looked after, it may have lice and worms that can be transmitted to humans. Most often, children are affected by these ailments, who love to squeeze and flatter themselves to the beast. Rodents also suffer from more serious ailments – diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, various types of tumors.

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If you want the baby to live with you for several years, carefully monitor your pet and, at the first alarming symptoms that indicate a deterioration in his health, immediately contact a specialist. You should not treat a baby yourself without consulting a doctor, otherwise it can lead to sad consequences. If medical assistance is provided on time, any disease can be cured quite easily, and then the pet will please you with its presence for a long time, and will certainly live in your home from 2 to 4 years.