How Long Do Jungar Hamsters Live On Average?

Dzungarian hamsters are a very popular type of pet. Their cute appearance and funny behavior can seriously and permanently capture the attention of a person, which makes them such desired pets. However, their life expectancy is most often quite small. In this article, we will deal with questions about what factors affect the lifespan of these animals, as well as how long you can leave these animals without food and water.

What determines the life expectancy of hamsters

Life expectancy is a multifactorial parameter, and taking into account the influence of each of the factors on this indicator can be quite problematic. In addition, there is a small group of factors affecting life expectancy, the role of which cannot be statistically accurate.

For example, the presence in the house of other domestic animals with which the Dzungarian hamster may have a conflict, or the fact that the cage with the pet is on an elevation from which it can fall and break.

How Long Do Jungar Hamsters Live On Average?

  • comfort of living conditions: the presence of a separate cage, sufficient area, proper litter in it, the presence of toys, the absence of noise and bright light, compliance with sanitary and hygienic conditions;
  • proper nutrition: the presence of a balanced feed, to which the hamster’s body has already adapted, the presence of wet foods (carrots, zucchini, apricots, apples, bananas, etc.), meat components, vitamin and mineral nutrition;
  • physical activity: the presence of a wheel or labyrinths in the cage, the ability of the animal to leave the limits of its cage for research and games;
  • health status: the absence of congenital diseases, positive heredity, the absence of injuries and injuries, the adequate functioning of all organs and systems, the correct course of metabolic processes in the body;
  • characterological features: the presence of adequate reactions in response to stressful situations, the absence of aggression, apathy and longing, interest in exploring the surrounding space, a high degree of development of intelligence;
  • communication and communication: the owner has the opportunity to play and caress his pet, the ability to inform the owners with a squeak about problems (too dirty cage, lack of water or food, boredom, etc.), the ability to communicate with relatives and other non-aggressive pets if necessary.
How Long Do Jungar Hamsters Live On Average?

This list is, of course, incomplete, and it does not have a single factor that would illustrate the negative impact on life expectancy (such as the presence of representatives of the cat family in the house). However, you must understand that this list can be continued almost endlessly, and each positive factor can be turned into a negative one.

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For example, suppose that instead of a single cage, our dzhungarik lives in a wooden box, with a dozen brothers. So we get a factor that affects life expectancy negatively.

How many average Jungar hamsters live

After we roughly understood what factors influence the life span of these animals, it’s time to find out the numbers themselves. It should be noted that the lifespan of these animals in the wild and at home is significantly different, which is not at all surprising, given their habitat.

How Long Do Jungar Hamsters Live On Average?

In the wild

The wildlife of Dzungaria (the territory between eastern Kazakhstan and north-western China) is far from the most merciful place with respect to these crumbs. Here, at every turn, their natural enemies await them – bears, owls, hawks, eagles, snakes and many others.

In addition, in winter they fall into extremely adverse climatic conditions for their bodies, which also does not contribute to too long a life.

At home

Home conditions are a paradise for these animals, they don’t need anything, they don’t need to hide from predators and constantly search for lodging and food.

The average lifespan of a hamster of this species in captivity is 2-3 years. Nevertheless, you should understand that this does not mean that your hamster will certainly live to such an age, even if you surround him with the greatest possible love and care.

On the other hand, a situation is also possible when your pet reaches the age of 4 years. This is the maximum known fixed age of the Dzungarian hamster.

How Long Do Jungar Hamsters Live On Average?

How to find out the age of the Dzungarian hamster

There are several parameters, focusing on which you can more or less accurately determine the age of the animal that interests you. This is necessary, first of all, so that unscrupulous sellers do not deceive you in the buying process, because having bought an old hamster, you will get completely different indicators of activity, satisfaction with what is happening and life expectancy.

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We’ll make a reservation right away that it’s difficult even for specialists to know the hamster’s age, so all divisions will be purely arbitrary – old and young. Here are a few basic parameters, focusing on which you can roughly understand the age of the hamster:

  • behavior: the young animal is always more active, while the old one prefers rest and tranquility. Old hamsters eat less, practically do not leave their shelters in cages and almost never explore the world around them;
  • wool on the ears: young hamsters – owners of a magnificent, pleasant to the touch hairline of a white shade in the ears, and the elderly often have almost none;
  • eyes: if you see that the animal’s eyes are cloudy, worn or whitish, then this hamster is either old or sick. In any case, you should not buy yourself this;
  • weight: perhaps the most reliable of all the previous parameters. If you weigh a young hamster up to 3 months old, then its weight will not exceed 40 g, while older individuals weigh an order of magnitude more.

Signs of hamster aging: video

How long can you leave a hamster

Dzungarian hamsters are animals that most often very urgently need a company, so leaving them alone with themselves for a long time is highly not recommended. This is also due to the fact that hamsters are incredible gluttons.

They will eat the feed that you poured for them in the trough until it runs out. In the section below you will find information about how long you can leave your pet without food and / or water.

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Without food

According to the recommendations of hamster lovers, it is extremely undesirable to leave them without food for longer than 2-3 days. If you intend to leave somewhere for a longer period – try to find a person who would visit your pet.

You can also try to scatter food throughout the cage in different places and completely fill the feeder with it (so that the animal does not immediately find the whole) in an amount of 80% of the animal’s weight for each day.

How Long Do Jungar Hamsters Live On Average?

In addition, it must be remembered that hamsters have special skin pockets in the cheek area, where they can cram excess food eaten, and then, as the need arises, remove it from there and eat it. Such a trick will allow the animal to hold out for another day, but then hunger will inevitably come. Without food crumbs, Dzungarian hamsters can last for 7-10 days.

Without water

If the lack of food is rather unpleasant, but completely not critical for these animals, then water deficiency can affect the organisms of animals in a fatal way. Despite the fact that they drink only about 5-7 ml of water per day, Dzungarian hamsters absolutely can not do without it for long periods of time.

Your pet, if you leave it without water, will live no longer than 2-3 days. Therefore, before a long trip, be sure to check the serviceability of the drinking bowl, just in case, put a spare in the cage, and fill both with fresh, cool water.

So, we hope that this article answered all your questions regarding the life expectancy of Dzungarian hamsters. Love your pets, carefully monitor their behavior, try to please them in every way, and then the manifestations of well-deserved reciprocal love will not take long.