Hamsters Dzungarian Hamsters Home Keeping Features

The dwarf Dzungarian hamster, which is often called "Russian", can be an ideal choice for those who do not yet risk a larger specimen. They are popular among children, as they are very mobile and active, and it is very easy to tame and train them.

What you need to know a person who wants to have such a pet? First of all, you need to understand that the nature of the Dzungarian hamster is family, so he needs a wife / husband. You can keep the animal alone, but this is not welcome.

If the owner does not give him enough attention, then the animal can run wild, and so much so that you can’t even feed it. Actually, this will be the answer to the question of why the Dzungarian hamster bites.

Hamsters Dzungarian Hamsters Home Keeping Features

Dwarf Dzungarian hamster may be the perfect choice for you

If you have doubts that you can pay enough attention to the hamster every day, it is better to immediately get a pair. The best option is young animals that have a lot of vital energy and can quickly adapt to addiction. You can give them names that they will get used to over time.

Appearance Features

Dwarf Dzungarian hamster belongs to the bore hamsters. The animals are quite small. His feet are covered with hair, which was the reason for the name of the genus. The animal has a small white or other tail, which is almost invisible. An adult can reach 10 cm in length and 45 g in weight.

A characteristic feature of the appearance of the breed is a dark strip on its back. The coat is mottled and has white patches. Domestic animals can have different colors. Among them are the following: mandarin, sapphire, pearls and standard color. Before buying, you also need to learn about how to determine the gender of the Dzungarian hamster. It is quite easy to do this – you can just look at his genitals.

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The content of the Dzungarian hamsters

Hamsters Dzungar hamsters love when it is dry and not hot around them. These are the basic requirements for their maintenance, which certainly should be considered when arranging their place of residence. It can be a table where direct sunlight does not get.

Hamsters can live both in a cage and in an aquarium. Moreover, the latter option is safer, because these hamsters are not stupid, and can understand how the cell opens. Well, then finding them can be problematic, given their small size.

Hamsters Dzungarian hamsters love when it is dry and not hot around them

If the hamsters nevertheless escaped, then they will surely be where there is cardboard or paper. If there are no such items on the floor, look for them under the bed, sofa, and other pieces of furniture.

There is an easier way to find them: just turn off the light, and wait for them to deign to appear. Usually within a few minutes they begin to rustle and run out into the open.

As for the immediate conditions in which Dzungarian hamsters should live, the following points should be considered:

Feeding hamsters

Hamsters Dzungarian Hamsters Home Keeping Features

You must fill the pet feeder and drinker once a day

If you decide to cook the mixture yourself, then include the following elements in it:

  • ears of corn;
  • ears of corn;
  • unsalted seeds;
  • fruits and vegetables (e.g. apple, cabbage, etc.);
  • legumes.

Hamsters often like beans and peas, but it’s important not to overdo it. Store mixes are an advantageous option. Their price is low, and a hamster chews on one package for several weeks.

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It is very important in the process of caring for the Dzungar hamsters to pay attention to hygiene procedures and cleaning the cage. It is necessary to clean the cage at least once a week to prevent bad smell and dampness.

Often hamsters visit the toilet in the same place. In its quality, an unoccupied corner can act as a toy. Then the whole sawdust can be changed about once every two weeks, but the toilet area should be cleaned once a week.

For these hamsters, drafts and colds are quite dangerous. That is why they can not be bathed in water. Instead, treat them to sand baths. Here they can clean their skin themselves when they need it. If you still want to redeem your pet, then you can use a decoction of wormwood. This fluid is completely safe for the animal.

Non-standard situations for a hamster

The hamster sleeps all day and all night

If the hamster sleeps for days, then this is an abnormal situation. If you purchased it in one copy, then this can be a sign of stress. Also, the cause of a very low activity can be an unbalanced uniform diet.

Hamsters Dzungarian Hamsters Home Keeping Features

If you purchased a hamster-Dzungarian hamster in one copy, then this can be a sign of stress

Therefore, to feed an animal, for example, only with seeds is categorically impossible. A mandatory attribute of the hamster’s menu are cereals. In addition, eternal sleep can be a sign of a hamster disease. Perhaps your Dzungarian hamster blew.

Hamster is aggressive

Aggressiveness is often manifested in female hamsters relative to males. This is an indicator of her readiness for the appearance of small pets. Do not be scared and rush to separate them if the Dzungarian hamsters bite, since this is quite normal.

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If the male becomes aggressive and strongly bites, then there may be one reason for this – the presence in the same cage or aquarium of two male hamsters.

If you do not separate the old and young hamsters, then the aggression of the senior representative can become very strong. You already know how to determine the gender of a Dzungarian hamster, which means you can understand whether there will be competition.

Pregnancy of a female Dzungarian hamster

Breeding Dzungarian hamsters is a special issue. If the female became pregnant, then your task is to ensure her peace of mind. Pregnancy of Dzungarian hamsters should take place calmly and in silence, as well as childbirth.

When it is born, you need to leave alone the house where the cubs live. Also, do not touch the babies with their hands, as this will lead to strong aggression of the female. It is important to feed the newly minted mother well and ensure that she is not stressed. Newborn Dzungarian hamsters and a male may well exist side by side – he will not do anything bad to them.