Hamster Walking Ball

Hamsters are very active animals. In the wild, these little fidgets can run up to 10 km per night. When keeping this animal at home, the hamster does not have the ability to move freely, and he moves around the cage or runs in a wheel. There must be a running wheel in the cage, it will help your pet cope with an excess of energy, and outside it, a walking ball is suitable for charging the rodent.

For a small animal, movement is life, because in the wild, hamsters run away from predators. A pet has no one to run away from if it is kept only in a cage and you no longer have any other pets. If you want to let the animal run around the apartment or on the street, but are afraid that your fidget will run away, then it is best to use a walking ball for the hamster. What is this accessory, what are its main advantages and disadvantages we will describe in our article.

What is a ball?

The accessory is used outside the cage where the pet is kept. This device allows the small animal to walk freely throughout the apartment or house. You can not worry that the hamster will crawl under the closet or sofa, because the size of the ball will not allow this.

Hamster Walking Ball

For the pet, such walks will be interesting, and you can constantly watch him.

Advantages and disadvantages

The ball for the hamster has a number of both positive and negative qualities, therefore, before buying, we still recommend that you familiarize yourself with them so that later you know all the pros and cons of this accessory.

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Let’s start with the benefits.

  • Firstly, this means of transportation will allow the hamster to move freely around the apartment or house, which favorably affects the health and mood of the rodent.
  • Secondly, the hamster will not be able to escape and hide in a hard-to-reach place, as well as gnaw everything in its path.
  • Thirdly, if you still have a cat, then you can not worry about the life of a rodent – the cat will not get the hamster out of the ball.
  • Fourth, running in a ball is not as easy as running in a wheel. Therefore, the animal needs less time to get tired. A tired hamster will be quieter at night and allow you to sleep.
  • Fifthly, the ball is easy to assemble and disassemble, as well as excellent in cleaning, so keeping this accessory clean is not difficult.

Now consider the disadvantages.

  • When buying a walking ball, pay attention to the presence of ventilation holes. If there are none or very few, do not buy such an accessory. Air should circulate freely in the ball.
  • It should be borne in mind that the hamster fulfills its physiological needs during a walk, and the waste of its vital activity rolls with it and falls out through the holes. Therefore, after a walk, the hamster in the ball will need to be cleaned in the apartment. Also, experts do not recommend leaving the rodent in the ball for longer than 30 minutes. For a walk the animal half an hour will be enough.
  • With prolonged use of the ball, the lid mount may wear out, which will make the lid open freely at any time, and the hamster will be able to get out and run away. If such a nuisance happened to your walking ball, then do not leave your pet in it for a long time unattended or seal the lid before walking with tape or electrical tape.
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Hamster Walking Ball

How to choose

Today you can find balls from various manufacturers that differ in color, size, quality and the presence of fasteners.
Such accessories come in various colors, and you can choose a device to your liking, because hamsters do not perceive color.

Standard walking balls are 12 cm, 18 cm, 25 cm, 32 cm in diameter. The size of the ball for hamsters will depend on the size of your pet.
To choose the right size of the ball, you need to measure the length of the hamster.

Therefore, for the Dzungarian hamster you need the smallest ball with a diameter of 12 cm, and the Syrian will fit 18-25 cm.

An important role is played by the quality of the walking ball. It does not have to be very fragile. The cover fasteners must be of high quality – these are one of the most important elements of the fixture, which often breaks. Also, balls come with stands and in the form of a regular sphere.

In a regular ball, a pet can ride freely throughout the apartment. Nothing threatens the animal here – no one will step on it and the cat will be lacking.
A ball with a stand looks like a running wheel. Such an accessory can be installed in the cage or next to it. In it, the hamster will not be able to move freely, but will simply run.

Hamster Walking Ball

How much does a walking ball cost for hamsters primarily depends on the manufacturer of the product and its quality. Try to choose the strongest option with good ventilation.

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I would like to note that not all hamsters like such a vehicle. The animal may be frightened, not want to run, or will simply bite the accessory. But do not be discouraged, a walking ball can be used to transport a pet, or when cleaning a cage, putting a small animal in it.

A walking ball for a hamster is a very useful thing for rodents and their owners. Since with its help the physical load of the pet is provided, which is beneficial for the health of the hamster; the animal will not get lost in the apartment and can be easily found; a rodent will not get a cat, and you will not be able to accidentally crush it. In addition, it is very interesting and funny to watch a hamster in a ball rolling around the apartment.

If you do not have such a useful device for walking your pet, we hope that our article will help you in choosing a walking ball. And this acquisition will bring you and your pet a lot of pleasure.