Hamster For A Child How To Choose, Contain, Than Feed

In life, all children have the same crazy moment when they begin to terrorize their parents with a demand to get an animal.

If you still decide to make your child happy and give him a pet, I advise you to opt for rodents and buy a hamster for your child. These cuties are quite active, playful and will be an excellent help for the young zoologist in the development of such a quality as responsibility.

Housing problem

The first thing you need to prepare for a newcomer is his home. The house for the hamster should be free, spacious, clean and cheerful. The pet needs a lot of space for games and running around, as well as many training devices, such as wheels and toys for self-entertainment.

For the convenience of the animal, the cell floor should be covered with sawdust and soft straw, so that the little tomboy could feel at ease and comfortable, because they like to pick something.

During the day, the crumbs prefer to rest from a busy night, which is why in their cage should be allocated a place for a berth. Most likely it will be some kind of box, or a whole house, since their assortment in zoos is quite wide, into which light will not pass.

Hamster For A Child How To Choose, Contain, Than Feed

Hamsters create heat-loving. They inherited this from their wild relatives, whose habitat is a hot, dry desert. Therefore, looking for a place to install the cage, rely on a warm, secluded area near the battery and away from drafts.

However, they do not recommend identifying little rodents in their own or children’s bedroom, because these crumbs at night tend to be more active, which will disturb your sweet dream.

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Hamster nutrition should be as balanced as possible. In addition to dry food, their diet should include fresh vegetables and fruits, nuts and greens, as well as protein foods.

Among fruits and vegetables allowed to cheeky pets, it is worth highlighting: carrots, beets, zucchini, zucchini, pumpkin, apples, apricots, pears, grapes, and very little banana. You can also eat baby dried apricots and raisins.

Hamster For A Child How To Choose, Contain, Than Feed

The following fruits were on the forbidden list: watermelon, potatoes and cabbage, all citrus and exotic fruits, such as avocados, kiwi, pomegranate and persimmons.

In addition, hamsters sometimes need to eat grass, for this you can grow it yourself in a jar on the windowsill.

Protein food is also an important element in the hamster’s nutrition, so give the crumbs a portion of cottage cheese, boiled chicken or egg white daily.

Particular attention should be paid to the drinking regimen of the baby. Make sure that the bowl always has clean and fresh water. And do not pour it into a bowl, which in a minute will turn over and wet everything around. Attach a hanging drinker at a height that is accessible to the pussies so that he can easily quench his thirst.

Character Features

Among other things, keeping hamsters at home requires fairly frequent cleaning in the cage, since fluffy crumbs are extremely sensitive to the cleanliness of personal space. Therefore, it is better to immediately discuss this issue with the child and explain that the animals need constant care and this remains on the conscience of their owner, including cleaning the hamster’s hole.

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Hamster For A Child How To Choose, Contain, Than Feed

Another feature of the chekkastiks is some irresistible thirst for flight, so regularly check their “palace” for breaking locks, filing bars and undermining rods.

This, of course, is a joke, however, as you remember, each joke has a certain hint of truth. Take a closer look at them, because they are pretty nimble, agile and unpredictable.

Women’s consultation

Hamsters carry children quite quickly, depending on the breed for 14-25 days, only their relatives, voles, carry the same amount, and how many cubs are born in cheeky rodents, the darkness is dark, from 4 to 16 little ones.

So, having suspected the female in pregnancy, begin to gently praise all the acquaintances of these cute creatures so that they express a desire to also get a funny animal, which you will offer them as a gift after a happy hamster birth. Moreover, “fill in” with everyone who wants to, that it’s highly not recommended to keep hamsters in pairs at home, but it’s better to take three of the same sex at once (so that they do not breed).

Hamster For A Child How To Choose, Contain, Than Feed


It is believed that hypersensitivity to the beast in some people appears in relation to only pussies and doggies, however, an allergy can also develop on rodents due to intolerance to the animal’s urine protein.