Hamster Breeds With Photos And Breed Names

Hamster Breeds With Photos And Breed Names

Syrian (Golden) Hamster

The Syrian hamster is of two types – long-haired and short-haired. This is a breed of large hamsters. It is good to start for children of 10 years old. They like to communicate with the owners, they are more used to living alone.

Hamster Breeds With Photos And Breed Names

Do not forget about the correct selection of the cage, it should be approximately 40 by 60 cm, with a wheel for running the animal, whose diameter is 20 centimeters, a continuous running surface. The Syrian hamster is easy to tame, he is affectionate, loves to play a lot, funny and nimble.

Hamster Breeds With Photos And Breed Names

In good, decent conditions, hamsters live for 2 years.

Hamster breeds with photos: Dzungarian hamster

Dzungarian hamster is a breed of dwarf animals. A small animal with plush fur hardly bites, except in some cases, for example, if you were holding something tasty in your hands or when a female is guarding her offspring. The wayward little creature usually does not like hands, lives its own life.

Hamster Breeds With Photos And Breed Names

Dzungarian breed of hamsters of a standard grayish shade. The animals have a dark distinct strip on the back and a pronounced rhombus on the forehead, but now you can also find a dark brown color with stripes on the back.

Hamster Breeds With Photos And Breed Names

Mature hamsters are not recommended to be kept together, this leads to the frequent procreation of the female and the constant fight for personal space. The Dzungarian male gets along with a rival of the same litter, who lived together since birth.

Pick up a cage, with often lined rods (6-7 mm) or a plastic terrarium, the hamster’s living area for normal conditions of 3050 cm, a wheel must be available. Dzhungarik is a very mobile hamster, constantly "exercises" on the treadmill.

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Life expectancy is about two years.

Hamster breeds with photos: Campbell

This breed is also considered dwarf, very similar to the previous hamster of the Dzungarian breed. You can distinguish them only by color, they are yellow – brown standard color, the strip on the back is almost invisible, a narrow rhombus on the forehead.

Hamster Breeds With Photos And Breed Names

Very independent small creatures, like to live alone, do not even need to communicate with the owners and children. It’s better to buy such hamsters for older children who are interested in observing all living things, studying habits, and quietly be friends with animals. But the very diligent and persistent owners still manage to tame the hamster, he can walk from the cage along the arm and back, nothing more.

How to keep and care is written above in the previous breed, all actions are identical. Life expectancy is the same – 2 years.

Breeds of hamsters with photos: Roborovsky hamster

They are considered the smallest of the domestic furry animals. This breed of nimble, independent, bouncing and nimble hamsters, who are accustomed to live in a family and must have a couple, prefer social existence.

Hamster Breeds With Photos And Breed Names

Pick up a cage with frequent rods, make sure that they do not bend, a plastic terrarium is also suitable, the area for normal life is 3050 centimeters, a wheel and a treadmill must be available. Life expectancy is two years.

Breeds of hamsters: common hamster

The largest subfamily of hamsters. Representatives of this genus in length can reach 20-25 centimeters. A long, thick tail (from 3 to 5 cm) is thinning towards the end, covered with a short, harsh hair. The length of the muzzle is medium, the ears are small, as well as the tail is covered with bristles, the body is soft and dense. The color of the fur coat is usually bright, contrasting shades: often reddish-brown with a black abdomen, light, large spots on the sides. You can find a completely black individual hamsters, as well as individuals with whitish spots on the neck and paws.

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Hamster Breeds With Photos And Breed Names

Hamster breeds: Sungursky hamster

Before tame this breed of hamsters, small creatures lived in the grassy steppes of Siberia and eastern Kazakhstan. Very beautiful individual with large, black eyes and a convex nose. A distinctive unique feature of this breed is a curved body closer to the tail.

Hamster Breeds With Photos And Breed Names

Animals of medium length (9-12 cm), males are usually the largest females. The presence of voluminous, stretchable cheek pouches makes this creation sweet and funny, especially when he eats. It also differs from other individuals with fluffy paws, sometimes it is also called a boggy hamster. The animal changes color depending on the time of year, closer to winter it becomes much lighter, sometimes it turns into a white hamster. Like all hamsters, he prefers to stay awake at night, sociable and active, although fights for the territory are not excluded. Animals of this breed are considered long-livers, their life activity can last up to three years.

If, after familiarizing yourself with the breeds and species of such small creatures as hamsters, you definitely decided to purchase them, then one tip: you need to consider your lifestyle and your future pet. The hamster leads a nocturnal, active lifestyle, and hibernates during the day.