Hamster Breeding

Khomyachkov, which are going to be used for breeding, it is better to acquire at a young age. From young animals with the onset of puberty it will be easier to get offspring than from adults. It is advisable to acquire more than two individuals, so it will be easier to avoid mistakes in determining sex and there is a high probability of picking good manufacturers. During the year, hamsters have several litters of 4-18 cubs each. Pregnancy lasts 14-19 days.

The selection of pairs for breeding depends on the goal that you are pursuing. Diverse hamsters also breed. One should not only reduce large females and small males of hamsters, since at certain periods when the female is already waiting for offspring, she is aggressive towards the male. There may be deaths.

Males are generally good-natured and calmer than females. It is easiest to determine the sex of an animal in Angora hamsters. The coat in females and males is very fluffy and thick, only in males it is long and even very, and in females. short but not smooth.

It is difficult to predict the color of the color of future cubs. Even white parents may have black-colored babies. For example, in plain hamsters, a mask is found on the face. This adorns the animal very much. Imagine, in a black-painted animal, light contours around the eyes, nose and mouth, which merge on the abdomen of the animal.

Hamster Breeding

When mating hamsters, it is always necessary to have spare males and females, since there may be cases when one of the producers is unsuitable (ruins the nest, does not mate for a long time, does not allow access to itself, etc.). In these cases, unsuitable animals are replaced by spare ones.

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Often, the warring couple in an instant goes to reconciliation, and peace comes for a few days. But after the female already feels like a future mother, “military operations” flare up again.

It is most advisable to have 2-3 females per male. To do this, you will need three cells in which the male can be launched in turn.

During pregnancy, the female male should be kept separate, so that he does not ruin the nest and does not eat the born cubs.

Babies are born helpless, naked and blind. Often females eat their cubs. They say that it depends on the nature of the female and that some lovers try to get rid of such animals so that this trait does not appear in the offspring. Perhaps the female herself regulates the number of offspring based on her strength and capabilities. The female has only 5-6 pairs of nipples, and 18 or more cubs are born. Their life is completely dependent on the mother and her milk, so they should not be separated in any case. There are females who feed and do not touch their cubs. There are cases when, with 6 cubs, the female ate 3 or more babies.

To protect the hamsters from the mother, it is necessary before giving birth to give her as much meat products as possible, a hard-boiled egg. There should always be fresh water in the cage, give it milk, etc.

The attitude of parents to young. Do not be curious when picking up the baby in the first week after birth. The female instinct of self-preservation will wake up, and she will eat cubs that will retain your smell.