Entertainment For Hamsters

Entertainment For Hamsters

Do you want your hamster to remain cheerful and agile? Do you want him to never get bored? Do you want to give him any opportunity for physical and mental activity? Like the one that wild hamsters get during their nightly adventures?

Then you need to provide your pet with interesting activities, both in the cage and outside it. on the playground.

Keep in mind that all animals are very different. For example, Goldn loves diversity in her life and can very quickly lose interest in a toy that she has already explored hundreds of times. Even the best toys can get bored if you play them for too long. (Isn’t this the case with us?) Therefore, constantly offer new toys to your pet, remove old ones and after a while put them back. Or combine and rearrange old toys, scattering them in a new way. That is, do whatever you like to make your hamster interesting to live.

And do not forget to regularly inspect the toys. Check if they are worthless, if they are bitten. Do not regret, throw away any toys that are too gnawed if you think that they are unsafe for the health of your hamster.

Turn around, turn around, wheel.

Tubes and tunnels

Note that there can’t be too many pipes and tunnels. Indeed, in the wild, hamsters spend swap days hiding and sleeping in the labyrinth of underground tunnels. Therefore, if you do not have a cellular system with connecting tubes, it would be nice to build an obstacle course on the playground. Connect the straight and straight-angled plastic tubes to the nozzles, to the tees and cubes with six holes to create an interesting maze. Fortunately, you do not need to purchase everything at once, you can attach such a maze, in parts. And to make Goldn always interesting, frequently rearrange the sections, creating new configurations.

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There is a unique set of tunnels that may interest both young and adult hamster owners. This is the Critter Trail Puzzle Playground. A set of plastic items from which you can collect a variety of playgrounds, large enough so that your furry friend has a place to move. Putting together frames, transparent plates, passages, rings, tubes and slopes will provide the whole family with an exciting activity for the whole evening. (By the way, assembling this complex structure is much more convenient on a solid surface, for example, on a kitchen table.) With this system (Puzzle Playground) you can equip both a cage and a playground.

Up, up, up!

Who gets up must inevitably go down, and in the case of hamsters, this is usually accompanied by falls. Although the golden hamsters confidently climb up, they have difficulty coordinating when going down. Often, hamsters specially fall down from a height, and not get down. This is not a particular problem in a natural habitat where a falling hamster lands on a soft sandy surface. But if your pet falls in a cage or on the playground, on a hard floor, its fall can be fraught with serious injuries. Unfortunately, broken legs, pelvic girdle or spine. not so rare occurrences in fallen, even from a small height, hamsters. Therefore, when choosing equipment for climbing, you must adhere to the main rule: it should not be high. If the hamster cannot climb high, he cannot fall!

If your hamster has fallen from a height, and you notice that it is limping, or hiding, or behaving in an unusual way, contact your veterinarian immediately. Otherwise, your pet may die.

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Down, down, down!

Hamsters not only climb agilely, they are also masters of digging. There are special devices for this that your hamster may like. Buy a special cage section, such as S.A.M: Tunnel-Vue, or a small extra cage section that can be turned into a digging tank. Then, so that the hamster has something to dig, fill them with soft litter, for example, aspen shavings or CareFRESH.

Why not put a tank of sand on the playground? Buy a cheap, plastic, deep bowl or food storage box and a bag of sand. Pour it into the container until the middle. Put the hamster there and let him dig as much as he wants. A few pre-buried treats or sunflower seeds will turn a simple dig into a treasure hunt.

Swinging on a swing

Most hamsters are big lovers of swaying up and down on a metal or wooden swing or inside a plastic tube. Of course, he will have to swing himself, because on the other side of the swing there will not be a second hamster. Therefore, he usually runs from one side of the swing to the other. again and again and again. Some hamsters do without assistance when they want to sway. But if Goldn doesn’t move so fast in a plastic tube or on a swing, here’s what you need to do. Take small pieces of her favorite treat and place them in the middle of the swing. A rutri-Cal or Toob Snax smear will help to fix them in one place. When Goldn climbs on a swing to take a treat, her weight will upset her balance and she will feel how they work. Continue to pack goodies daily until Goldn tastes and starts using the toy without a reward.

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Homemade Hamster Toys

Making toys for the hamster at home. Will take your child on a rainy Saturday afternoon. For starters, how about a game box for your pet? All you need. these are scissors and a small, flat cardboard box. Cut a few holes the size of a hamster in it, so you have a box for Goldn. Instead, you can make an underground bunker, for which cut out two holes on the lid of the box and bury it in the cell litter, so that only the holes are visible. Now your pet has a disguised mink where you can hide.

Hamsters love mazes very much. Have the children connect the brown paper tubes, shoe boxes, plastic jars, bottles, grain boxes, short PVC tubes and cylindrical bear containers to each other. It will be a fascinating lesson for children, and in a finished form. puzzle for Goldn. Place the maze on the playground or on the arena and watch how Goldn plays. Have a lot of fun!