Dzungarian Vs Syrian Hamsters Who Is Better And How To Make A Choice

Dzungarian Vs Syrian Hamsters Who Is Better And How To Make A Choice

Syrian and Dzhungar hamsters are among the most common breeds in Russia. When deciding to get a pet or to breed rodents, the future owner often asks the question: which breed is better to choose? Let us consider below how the Dzungarian hamsters differ from the Syrian breed in different ways. You will also learn how to better name the girl of the Dzungarian hamster and why it is better to name the pet by a certain name.

Pet choice by appearance

It is quite simple to distinguish hamsters of the Dzungarian and Syrian breeds in appearance: the former differ in more compact sizes (length from head to tip of tail is up to 10 centimeters), and the body length of the latter can reach as much as 20 centimeters! The color of these two species is also different: Dzungarian hamsters have a characteristic gray-brown color with a dark stripe in the middle along the back, and Syrians are often painted in a reddish hue, although there may be other options for shades of wool. It is worth noting that this fact often affects the selection of a name.

Dzungarian Vs Syrian Hamsters Who Is Better And How To Make A Choice

The length of the fur in the first and second is different (this factor also often affects the name of the pet). When breeding Dzungarian hamsters make whole families.

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The perfect hamster for a baby

Most often, parents decide to get a hamster for a child who is also involved in the selection of a name. It happens that in this case there are problems with the choice of a boy or girl, a name for him, the number of pets. After that, a problem arises such as: how to tame a Dzungarian hamster, what is the best name for a Syrian girl, is it possible to train and under what conditions to treat a disease. First of all, you should explain to the child that now he will need to take care of a small pet. And to get a hamster, you must at least have time for this.

Dzungarian Vs Syrian Hamsters Who Is Better And How To Make A Choice

In general, it does not matter which rodent you choose for your child. On the question of how to choose a hamster, the mind and desire of the baby himself will help him. But if the child is allergic to a hamster, then it is better to refuse pets or to choose their hairless breed.

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What you need to know about hamsters?

For keeping in the apartment, the Syrian and Dzungarian hamsters are absolutely identical. It is believed that boys and girls Jungar hamsters love more space. Do these pets stink? What to do with a tumor? Is it possible to train hamsters and what is the best name for a pet? More on this later in the article.


Despite the fact that rodents are considered hardy creatures, but still it happens that they are overtaken by various diseases, including cancerous tumors. There may be food poisoning. Why? The fact is that stocks of food often deteriorate and provoke a reaction when eaten. Treatment in this case can be done at home. But if your pet does not feel better in a day, then it will be necessary to conduct treatment in the presence of a veterinarian.

Dzungarian Vs Syrian Hamsters Who Is Better And How To Make A Choice

It happens that a fluffy clogs a foot. Then a swelling, bruising, or even a fracture can occur. If the baby is squeaking, biting, or, conversely, lying lifelessly on the back, do not argue why this happened, but rather, immediately consult a doctor in order to begin treatment as soon as possible!

The life expectancy of hamsters is on average from two to three years (with good care and the absence of a cancer tumor, pets, especially Dzungarian hamsters, can live up to four years). But if it is not enough to look at the rodent well and not make timely treatment for various diseases, then it may die earlier. For example, if your hamster itches or looks painful, then it is better to deliver it to the clinic as soon as possible.

  1. The hamster itches and looks restless.
  2. He does not show activity as before.
  3. The eyes of the pet are itchy and watery, and mucus is released from the nose.
  4. He squeaks, bites, if brought closer to his hands.
  5. A tumor appears in the area of ​​the body, which can become a source of pain for the rodent.

Even one of these symptoms may indicate a need for treatment for the disease!

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Allergy to hamsters

Unfortunately, among people, and especially children, such a disease is not rare. If you notice that your child has characteristic symptoms (swelling, eyelids, itchy eyes or skin, tear appears), then, most likely, he is allergic to the hamster. Why is this happening and what to do in this case? Most often, with a diagnosis of hamster allergy, doctors advise getting rid of the source of unpleasant symptoms caused by the coat.

Dzungarian Vs Syrian Hamsters Who Is Better And How To Make A Choice

Perhaps, while for a while you have to abandon the content of the rodent. But it is too early to despair, as there are cases in which an allergy to a hamster disappears without a trace with age. If your eyes and skin no longer itch, then you can try again to get a pet!


As already mentioned above, there is not much difference in the content of the Dzungarian hamsters and Syrians in the apartment. Many breeders are interested in the question of why rodents stink, itch, and what method to find in order to reduce aroma? To reduce odor, you must regularly clean the cage with the hamster, and then you will notice that the hamsters do not stink at all. Well, if the pet itches, then it may have parasites or the initial symptoms of the disease. For the prevention of parasites in the "apartment" of the hamster must be present sand or ash bath (there it itches and cleans the coat).

Dzungarian Vs Syrian Hamsters Who Is Better And How To Make A Choice

Males of the Dzhungar breed and females of the Syrian exude a sexual secret, which gives a more pronounced smell. Why? Surely no one knows. At the same time, it cannot be said that these pets stink, as their aroma is barely perceptible. Many owners of Syrians state the fact that their rodents can be trained in terms of going to the toilet.

Dzungarian Vs Syrian Hamsters Who Is Better And How To Make A Choice

For the rest, the issues of feeding, treating and arranging the cells are exactly the same for both breeds. Except one item. For Dzungarian hamsters, it is worth choosing a cage in which the distance between the rods is small, that is, there is a risk of the pet escaping. Among breeders, it is believed that Dzungar hamsters are more sociable and easier to train, tame, and even family (but not always). Well, if the pet bites, itches, squeaks and is not given to the owner, then this behavior for the baby can also be the most ordinary. Why is that? It’s just that all hamsters are different, and their content has been left an imprint since childhood. Complications of a complex nature have not yet been invented.

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Hamster behavior

Dzungarian hamsters and Syrians do not like companies and are nocturnal. In addition, these animals are prone to obesity, which is why in the "apartment" of the pet must have a wheel, a ladder and other devices. If you decide to acquire offspring, then settle the girl with the boy for a few days, and after 16-24 days expect an offspring. Dzungarian hamsters are also prone to diabetes and the appearance of a tumor with improper care.

Dzungarian Vs Syrian Hamsters Who Is Better And How To Make A Choice

It’s unlikely that you will be able to train a rodent, but trying to tame your hands is even necessary. But if you are allergic to a hamster (the body and eyes itch when it comes in contact with hair), you will have to watch the baby from the side, as direct contact will cause a reaction of your body.

How to choose a nickname for a hamster boy?

If you want to find a suitable name for the pet, then you can be guided by factors of appearance and behavior, as most do. You can make a bias towards a lively character (Alexander means "winner"). If your Dzungarian hamster is brown, then it can be called Alex Brown. The nickname Gray is suitable for gray, but white can be called Snowball or Belchenka. Names for hamsters are often chosen spontaneously, at first glance at the pet.

Dzungarian Vs Syrian Hamsters Who Is Better And How To Make A Choice

How to choose a nickname for a hamster girl?

These animals are distinguished by their cute appearance. And therefore, girls are often called affectionate nicknames such as Tinky-Winky, Mila, Daisy. To find suitable names, breeders refer to different sources. Snezhana, Squirrel, Brownie, Jesse – the name for the girl may indicate a certain trait, or maybe not. For example, if a baby is itchy, then it can be called Scale. So finding a suitable name will not be difficult for you!