Do-It-Yourself House For The Hamster

Do-It-Yourself House For The Hamster

A hamster is a nimble animal that exhibits increased activity at night. In the daytime, the animal sleeps. So that he has a resting place, you can make a house for a hamster with his own hands.

Materials for the rodent house

A house, a cage, toys, a running wheel, mineral stone are more expensive than the rodent itself. At home, you can independently arrange a home for the Dzungarian hamster. Then you will be sure of the proper quality of materials and the cottage’s suitability to the size of its owner. The apartment for the Syrian hamster should be larger than for representatives of other breeds.

If you are considering what a house can be made of, pay attention to the following materials:

  • Plywood or wood.
  • Thick paper, boxes.
  • Natural materials (wood, coconut shell).
  • Popsicle sticks.
  • Plastic.
  • Sleeves from toilet paper.

Do-It-Yourself House For The Hamster

The main goal of the cottage for a rodent is to provide him with rest, protect him from prying eyes, sources of loud sounds and pungent odors. To make the rodent’s home comfortable and comfortable, follow these recommendations:

  1. Doing a hut with your own hands, take care of the purity of materials.
  2. To get started, make drawings of the cottage. Consider the size of the animal, the height and area of ​​the cage, the materials used.
  3. To fasten parts of the house, use paper clips, wire, nails. It is undesirable to work with PVA glue for wood, as they can harm the health of the rodent.
  4. When collecting the hut, make sure that there are no nails and sharp edges of the grid inside it.
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Paper house for the Dzungarian hamster

Making a hut out of paper and cardboard does not require large cash costs, as well as a lot of time. Paper cottage – temporary shelter, easy to do and quickly goes down.

Materials: toilet paper, inflatable balloon, bowl of water.

Preparation method:

  1. Inflate a ball the size of an orange.
  2. Tear the toilet paper into several parts, soak in water.
  3. Glue the wet sheets on the ball in 8-10 layers.
  4. Let the structure dry well.
  5. Release air from the ball by piercing with a pin.
  6. Remove the deflated ball.
  7. In the resulting paper sphere, make an entry for the Dzungarian hamster.

Such a fragile home is suitable for small rodents. A large cottage should be more durable.

Coconut Shell Hamster House

A coconut house is stronger than paper, but it takes longer to make. Before proceeding to its design, drain the coconut milk.

Materials: coconut, a small drill, sandpaper.

Preparation method:

  1. On both sides of the fetus, make holes with a diameter of 5 cm. One will serve as an entrance to the pet, the other is needed for stability.
  2. Peel the coconut from the pulp through the holes.
  3. Drill 4 holes on the side of the nut. They will perform the function of ventilation.
  4. Install the house on the sawn hole.
  5. Sand the arch above the entrance.

Coconut apartment is not only beautiful and original, but also useful. A rodent will gnaw at it, getting nutrients and grinding its teeth.

Wooden hut for a rodent

The cottage made of wood is beautiful, solid, environmentally friendly. All family members can participate in its creation.

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Materials: Hardwood or thick plywood, drill, jigsaw. Sandpaper, nails, hammer or non-toxic glue.

Preparation method:

  1. Make a project of the future house. Make two wooden blanks for the floor and ceiling, and four for the walls.
  2. Drill an entry hole in one of the walls.
  3. Sand all parts, including the inlet.
  4. Drill a pair of holes with a diameter of 2-3 cm in the side walls. Of these, there will be windows.
  5. Using nails or glue, collect all the elements of the house.
  6. Leave the sawn roof removable for quick cleaning.

A wooden house in the form of a box with a removable roof is easy to do. You can make a two-story cottage from plywood by connecting the floors with a ladder.

Hamster house out of the box

Do-It-Yourself House For The Hamster

The apartment out of the box is very simple to execute, in it the animal can store its treasures. Take a box of the right size, make an inlet in it. You can use packaging from tea, paper napkins, children’s shoes. In a rectangular box, cut two holes, one for entry, the other for stability.

Make a beautiful and bright cardboard shelter for a rodent. Print a house model on a color printer, cut and glue. The apartment can be made of any size, depending on the size of the pet.

Lightweight tube houses from toilet rolls

Such a shelter is suitable for small hamsters. Take a sleeve from toilet paper or paper towels, flatten it. Cut a crescent-shaped hole on both sides. Repeat with the other handset. Insert one blank into another, the house is ready. You will get a cruciform design that is well ventilated and non-toxic.

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Shelter for animals from plastic bottles

Do-It-Yourself House For The Hamster

From plastic bottles you can make several options for the house. For each of them you will need:

Materials: plastic bottle, scissors, knitting needle

Preparation method:

  1. Cut the bottom of the bottle, turn it over.
  2. In the blank, make an arched entrance.
  3. Using a hot needle, pierce the bottle in several places to allow air to flow.
  4. Tape the cut-off part and the edge of the hole so that the animal is not injured.

A simple option for a plastic house is to cut an entrance for a rodent in a bottle, and make ventilation holes in the lid. Inside a large bottle, you can install a swing, toys and a bowl of the animal.

In order for the rodent to feel comfortable, the volume of the bottle must correspond to its size. Hamsters grow rapidly, so the entrance to the apartment must be done "for growth." A dark plastic container protects the pet from sunlight and increased attention.

It’s not difficult to make a house a jungaroo with your own hands, the main thing is desire and fantasy. Consider the type and quality of material for the apartment, the breed of the hamster, its size.