Do-It-Yourself Hamster Houses

Do-It-Yourself Hamster Houses

DIY house. it’s simple

A hamster is the kind of pet that is suitable for every family. He is not whimsical in handling, it is fun to watch him, he does not require much attention and increased care.

In order for your hamster to be happy, he needs three things: a house for life, a bowl for food and a wheel for running.

What should be a house for a hamster?

A cage with a high pallet 50x40x40 in size, a glass or plastic aquarium of the same size can serve as a hamster’s house. If your pet is a dwarf breed, then the size of the cage and the distance between the rods should be smaller. It is not advisable to keep the hamster in a glass jar or a bottle, they are not large enough for hamsters, as well as in a cardboard box, your little animal will easily bite and run away.

The hamster’s house serves as a shelter from the outside world, this is the place where he spends almost his entire life, so it should be convenient for the hamster and its owners.

Typically, hamsters distinguish three main areas in their house. This is a bedroom, pantry and toilet. Many hamster owners want to know how to make the animal’s house the most convenient and cozy. Put sawdust, toilet paper or a couple of napkins there, the hamster will build a cozy nest for itself. Do not forget that the hamster, as a zealous owner, must equip a place for storing supplies – a pantry.

The houses can be made of different materials, each of them has certain pros and cons. In this article we will offer you several options for houses for a hamster.

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Plastic hamster house

The most profitable material is plastic. Such a house is easy to clean, the animal will not be able to quickly nibble it in comparison with other material. However, making plastic housing itself is not so simple.

Cardboard hamster house

This is perhaps the easiest option for a house with your own hands. Paste any free box of the required size with paper tape. Adhesive tape is needed for a more presentable appearance, and it will also strengthen cardboard, and the hamster will not be able to quickly "eat" his home. However, it is worth remembering that such an apartment can serve the owner only a couple of weeks.

Wooden hamster house

Wooden house for a hamster

Such a house will serve the hamster much more time. Do not be alarmed, for this you will not need any special skills. Saw from a piece of plywood 4 cm thick with a jigsaw: the roof and walls, one of which should have an inlet. Glue all parts with PVA glue. The bottom for the convenience of cleaning is usually absent.

A wooden house can have a more complex device. In particular, it can be a turret with two entrances: bottom and top, with a climbing ladder. One of the walls of the turret can be made of acrylic glass, this will allow you to observe the life of your pet. If you have a little imagination and certain carpentry skills, then you can easily build such a house with your own hands.

You can also make a house, for example, from an earthenware pot or other utensil by carefully punching an entry hole in it.

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DIY Hamster Wheel

Hamster wheel from food container

In nature, the hamster runs a lot, so the wheel is simply necessary for him. It will allow your pet to run in the limited space of the cage. Remember that the size of the wheel must match the size of your pet.

To build a wheel you will need: a food container, a mount from another wheel, a knife, a burner. From the old wheel, cut out the middle and get the mount. Next, cut a hole in the container in its center, but of such a size that the wheel is well fixed. It turned out the bottom with the mount. Next, cut holes in the container lid. We connect everything and get a wheel for the hamster with our own hands.

Your task, as a caring owner, is to ensure that the hamster does not feel like a prisoner in a cage, but lives with you as happily and freely as possible.