Do-It-Yourself Drinker For A Hamster

Types of homemade drinkers

Homemade drinkers are usually set for some time, if it is not possible to purchase a special bottle for a pet. Rodent drinking bowls differ from each other in volume, design and installation method. The most popular models are:

  1. Saucer. A small open container filled with water. The downside of the saucer is the rapid pollution of the water. Also, such a drinker is easy to knock over. But it can be made from anything (a cover from a 5-liter bottle, a can from baby puree, etc.).
  2. Dropper. It is a bottle with a straw. This option cannot be used for a long time: there is no locking mechanism in the straw, drops of water will drip constantly and wet the litter.
  3. Nipple drinker for hamsters. The best option from homemade, as it contains a ball that does not allow water to freely drip into the cage. This design can be used constantly, which compares favorably with the previous two.

By the way, newborn hamsters still do not know how to use a drinking bowl, and it is also difficult to install it so that the kids reach it. Therefore, for small animals aged 2-4 weeks, you can put a saucer. Just remember to change the water every few hours!

Do-It-Yourself Drinker For A Hamster

Drinking Technology

In order to build a fluffy drinker, you will not need expensive materials and numerous tools. Here’s what you can make a drinker from:

  • a small plastic bottle;
  • juice straw;
  • small bearing;
  • case and spring from a fountain pen;
  • twine or other synthetic thread.

An auxiliary material that ensures the tightness of the joints can be glue, a tape adhesive or an adhesive tape. And from the tools you need an awl (it can be replaced with a nail and a hammer) and a well-honed knife.

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Now let’s figure out how to make a drinker for a hamster with his own hands. With a bowl, everything is clear, so consider the two remaining options.

A drinking bowl with a straw

Such a water tank can be done in 3 minutes, so even a schoolboy can cope with the task. To create a drinker, you need a plastic small-sized water bottle (0.33 L), a juice straw, an awl and an adhesive plaster.

And here is the step-by-step instruction:

  1. Rinse the bottle and the straw – they must be perfectly clean.
  2. Unscrew the lid and put it on the table, so it will be more convenient to make a hole. You can make a hole with an awl or with a nail and a hammer. The main thing is that it should be slightly smaller than the diameter of the tube.
  3. Now take the tube and cut off half from its long part.
  4. Gently squeezing a section of the tube, insert it into the hole in the lid: it should sit tight, not hang out.
  5. For better waterproofing, wrap the joint between the tube and the cover with adhesive tape or electrical tape.

The result is this design:

Do-It-Yourself Drinker For A Hamster

Now let’s talk about how to use such a drinker. Pour clean, cool water into the bottle, tighten the lid tightly and hang the drinker upside down (so that the tube looks down). The drinker can be fixed with a twine or other strong and thick thread, tying it to the bars of the cage.

Fountain nipple drinker

A slightly more complicated design has a fountain pen cup. A bottle is also needed to make it. But the nose is made of a handle, and a ball from the bearing is placed inside it. For better emphasis, you still need a stick from lollipop.

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To make a nipple drinker for your hamster, follow these steps:

  1. Take a fountain pen, preferably with a transparent case, and disassemble it. We need only the spring and the body itself.
  2. Insert the metal ball into the handle housing. At the place where he was stuck, saw off the nose. In this case, the ball should look a little out of the handle, but not fall out.
  3. Connect the spring from the fountain pen with the stick from the lollipop (usually there is a hole on them at the top) and place this structure after the ball with the spring forward. The stick can be fixed by resting it on the screw narrowing of the handle.
  4. Make a hole in the cap or side of the bottle, insert the resulting spout.
  5. Tape the connection with electrical tape.

Adhesive is sometimes used as a waterproofing agent, but do not forget about its toxicity. In addition, it will not be possible to use such a drinker for a hamster soon: the glue should dry completely.

A homemade drinker for a furry friend is ready, it remains only to fill it with water and fix it on the cage with the nose down.

Do-It-Yourself Drinker For A Hamster

Some tips for using a drinker

Hamsters – animals are quite nimble, they can easily throw off a drinker or nibble on its plastic nose. And if reliable fixation of the drinker will help to solve the first problem, then you won’t be able to cope with the hamster’s natural desire to gnaw at everything. In this case, you should try to get a drinker with a metal spout for your pet in the near future.

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What other difficulties may be associated with the drinking bowl? And how to solve them? Here are some tips you might find useful:

  • homemade drinkers leak and wet the litter, so you can put a saucer under the spout;
  • You must be sure that the water flows normally and the hamster drinks. It is very simple to do this: every day, put a dash on the surface of the bottle with a marker marking the water level (the marker is easily erased with alcohol). If the water level does not decrease, then either the bowl has broken or the hamster has fallen ill;
  • if algae is wound up inside the bottle, it must be cleaned with soda using a toothbrush.

Sometimes a hamster just does not know how to use a drinker. In this case, he will have to be taught to drink from the spout.