Do-It-Yourself Drinker For A Hamster

Do-It-Yourself Drinker For A Hamster

Accepting a rodent in your care, you must provide him with everything necessary for life. Caring for a hamster includes a drinker (you can do it yourself), a feeder, a running wheel, a house and what to chew on. This is the basic level that should be in every cell. Almost everything will depend on leaving. Often people ask what is the life expectancy of a Dzungarian hamster, realizing that everything almost completely depends on them. If you approach this irresponsibly, then the animal will often get sick and will not live long. But the most basic needs are water and food. Some believe that it is not necessary to give water and does not even put an adaptation for it. This can be equated to torture. Therefore, now we will learn how to make a drinker for a hamster with our own hands. This will be especially useful for those who like to save.

We will use the improvised means that are in every house. Before you begin, stock up on the following tools:

  1. Hammer. Even the smallest one you have is suitable. Do not take too large sizes, they will be uncomfortable to work.
  2. Nail. It is necessary for punching a hole in a cork. The diameter is about the same as the tubes (slightly smaller).
  3. Ruler. To control the water level in the future.
  4. Plastic bottle. A volume of half a liter or less will serve as a vessel for water.
  5. Corrugated straw cocktail. Serve as a channel for water, it is from her that the animal will drink.
  6. Marker. In order to make the notation.
  7. Rope. To attach the drinker to the bars of the cage.
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We are looking for the above tools and materials. Only after you have everything in stock do we start making a drinker for the hamster with our own hands. We are patient and proceed.

Do-It-Yourself Drinker For A Hamster

We make a drinker for a hamster, step by step instructions

Some recommendations

There are many ways to make a drinker for your hamster yourself. You can still just take a bowl or a small vessel and put it in a cage. But there is one big drawback. The water will always be dirty, because the animal will throw something there in the process of certain life matters. Often the water becomes dirty to such an extent that the pet no longer understands that it can be drunk. Not infrequently, such a device turns over and has to be removed. Therefore, we do not recommend this method.

In the plastic bottle method, the tube may suffer because it is not strong. The animal can simply chew it and thereby spoil it. When this happens, take a new one and replace the old one.

Ideally, drinking water should be changed daily. In extreme cases, once every 2-3 days. It should always be fresh so that the animal does not refuse to drink.

It is better to use a bottle with a volume of 150-200 ml. We indicated above 0.5 liters as a maximum, because very often at home there simply is not a smaller volume.

Hamster drinker is dripping, what should I do? Check for leaks, possibly it is broken. Tighten the cork well and check how the tube holds (should sit tight).

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There are other ways to make a drinker for a hamster, but this method allows you to make it almost free. Since most people just throw them away after using bottles and tubes.

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