Do Hamsters Drink Water

However, like any other living creature, hamsters need clean drinking water. Juicy fruits, vegetables and greens may not be enough to replenish the water balance. And if your hamster eats mainly dry food, water is vital for him. Otherwise, the animal may receive heat stroke. It is especially important to drink water for pregnant females.

It is difficult to give an unambiguous answer to the question – what do hamsters drink in the wild, because these rodents live mainly in deserts or arid areas and do not make water supplies. At home, the presence in the cell capacity of up to 50 ml. A hamster can drink no more than 5-20 ml per day, but it is better to have a supply.

What drinker for a hamster to choose

It is important to choose the right drinker for your hamster. A cup, saucer, bowl is not a suitable solution. A hamster can easily turn it over, while wetting its fur and catch a cold easily. Also, sawdust and food will fall into the water.

The best solution is a ball drinking bowl. Typically, such drinkers consist of a plastic container for water, a metal or plastic tube with a ball at the end and fasteners. The drinker is suspended from the outside of the cage, so it is easy to change the water. Ideally, water flows only when the hamster comes to the tube and licks it – the ball moves and the water enters the animal. However, such drinkers may leak.

There is another option – nipple drinkers. Such drinkers are more securely attached to the cage, and water does not leak in vain. The principle of operation as a country wash basin.

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Do Hamsters Drink Water

Water must be clean and fresh, it is recommended to take filtered or bottled. Tap water with bleach is not recommended.

It is worth changing the fluid every day, even if the hamster does not drink the entire volume. The water tank itself is recommended to be thoroughly washed, sometimes using a small brush or toothbrush, as plaque can be harmful.

Once a week, it is recommended to add ascorbic acid to the drink. If necessary, calcium and glucose preparations, liquid vitamins can be diluted in water.

Why the hamster does not drink water

In some cases, the hamster may refuse to drink. This situation can occur when the animal is sick. In such a situation, you can instill water to the hamster using a syringe without a needle or a pipette.

Perhaps your new pet is not accustomed to drink from such a drinker. Then, in order to accustom the hamster to the drinker, it is worth wetting your finger and offering a drop of water to the hamster.

How to teach a hamster to a drinker

Often, when any accessory new to the rodent appears in the cage, the latter will be immediately examined and sniffed, but if this did not happen with the brand new drinker, let’s try to figure out how to teach a hamster to drinker?

To begin with, you can try to attract the attention of a pet by smearing the edges of the drinker with something fragrant. Your favorite, most likely, will not be able to refrain from sniffing and tasting a fragrant delicacy, and with it he will pay attention to the water in the drinker.

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If you have no problems with the confidence of the little fluffy, you can push or even bring his nose to the drinker and moisten it with water a little. You can repeat the procedure after some time.

If you forget to change the water at the time, the stagnant water has an unpleasant aftertaste and smell. Remember that the animal needs fresh fluid.

Be attentive to your pet. Care and proper nutrition, including enough water, will contribute to the health of the hamster.

We hope that we answered the question whether hamsters drink water and how to train their pet on the shelf.