Diy Hamster Toys

Toys for hamsters

Hamsters in nature are forced to spend a lot of time in search of food and flee from predators. They don’t have time for special games. In captivity, animals often gain weight due to conditions of detention: small cages and inadequate equipment.

Therefore, in order to create ideal conditions for animals, it is necessary to properly equip the cage and fill their leisure with special devices. Since it is unreasonable to put hamsters in danger when starting a predator, toys should work in two directions:

  • food search;
  • physical activity.

For the first, grass balls are used, in which a delicacy is buried, various sandboxes and designs with seeds inside.

Physical activity will be developed: tunnels and labyrinths, ladders, a running wheel and just boxes with several holes inside. For walks outside the cage, you can make a walking ball with your own hands.

Homemade Hamster Toys

Devices for leisure animals can be made from improvised means. The main thing is that they are safe for animals.

Walnut shell

You can just make a toy out of a walnut shell. Take a few nuts, chop them in half and remove the inside. For work you will need:

  • several shells;
  • strong thick thread;
  • thin nail;
  • hammer;
  • washer.

In each shell, make a hole in the middle by driving a nail there. The nail must then be removed.

Pass the thread through all the shells. All of them should “look” in one direction except the extreme. It is necessary to tie a washer to the extreme so that the thread does not slip out.

The result was a nut "beads." Tie the top of the thread to the cage. Put a treat in each shell. The animal will climb on the shells, as on the stairs and pull out a treat.

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Do not make this “ladder” very high – just a few links. Hamsters are good at climbing, but they usually fall down, so provide a thick layer of litter.

From a toilet paper roll

Such a toy is well suited for Dzungarian hamsters, larger Syrians will deal with it quickly enough. You will need scissors, a toilet paper roll and a treat. To do the job:

  1. cut the roller into equal rings;
  2. connect the two rings to each other, sticking one into the other;
  3. insert another ring into this tangle;
  4. supplement this design with rings until a dense ball is formed, in total about 5 rings will be needed;
  5. put inside the homemade tangle of goodies.

The dwarf hamster will have enough of this entertainment for a long time. He will roll this ball, nibble it, until he gets to the “yummy”.

Minks and diggers

It’s very easy to make minks manually – toys for hamsters, Djungarian hamsters will be pleased with a box of cookies or napkins with holes in it. A box with holes can be put in a cage, or dug whole in sawdust. Holes in this case will need to be made from above. If the box is completely in sawdust, the animal will satisfy its need for digging.

Put the animal a container with sand, he will gladly dig through it. If a treat is buried in the sand, the baby will be preoccupied with finding it.

Diy Hamster Toys

Other activities for DIY hamsters

Different objects can be used to entertain kids. Wooden toys from which paint and varnish have been peeled off will serve as objects for grinding teeth – rodents also need this. Wooden branches and bars that you type in the forest will also please hamsters. Fruit tree branches can be used if they have not been treated with chemicals.

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Diy Hamster Toys

Large pieces of allowed fruits and vegetables in the cage will surely take the kids. You must remove these fruits in the evening, otherwise they will begin to deteriorate.

Diy Hamster Toys

The most common items that are in every home can become toys. A small flower pot from toilet paper is a toy for Dzungarian hamsters; for larger relatives, a set of children’s plastic or wooden cubes, larger flower pots are suitable.

Ropes, stairs, bridges, slides

Rodents like to climb up, they keep well on the ropes and crossbars. Unfortunately, it is difficult for them to go down – they fall and can injure the paws. The task of the rodent owner is to make the entertainment as safe as possible. If you want to make a toy for a hamster with your own hands, consider the height of the structure. A homemade rope should be attached low, build the stairs flat and the slides safe.

A ceramic pot can be used as a slide.

It is very simple to make a ladder from cardboard. Cut 2 rectangles of the same width. One will serve as the basis of the short flight of stairs, from the other – steps must be taken. Take the second rectangle and cut it across into narrow identical stripes. Glue these strips on the first rectangle at small intervals. Fasten the ladder to the house or shelf.

A convenient bridge can be made of ice cream sticks. Prepare about 30 sticks, PVA glue, a large bowl, clothespins. The procedure is as follows:

  1. Dip 6 sticks in boiling water and cook them for 15 minutes.
  2. Remove the sticks from the water and gently bend in a semicircle. Heated sticks bend well.
  3. To maintain their shape, attach them to the edge of the bowl and fasten it with a clothespin.
  4. When the sticks dry, they will have an arched shape.
  5. Take two sticks, connect them together by ends and glue a third to them from below. You will get an arch of two bent sticks fastened from below by a trim from the third.
  6. Perform this operation with three other bent sticks.
  7. You got two arches, they will be the basis for the bridge.
  8. It’s time to use the rest of the ice cream sticks. Put the two resulting arches parallel to each other and glue the crossbars from the remaining sticks to them.
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Video: how to make a bridge for a hamster with your own hands


The animal play field can be organized outside the cage. To do this, fence off a section of the room with cardboard boxes, connecting them with tape. Be sure to check the reliability of the design so that you do not have to catch the baby throughout the apartment.

On the playground, lay out various toys and any pet-safe household items. Watch the beast which toys he likes best. Equip the playground with ladders, a wheel, bridges, a sandbox, a rope and flower pots and children’s toys. Some of them can then be transferred to the cage.

Video: game room and hamster obstacle course

By organizing the space of pets with the help of toys, you maintain their health and fill the life of animals with new experiences.