Diy Hamster Toys

With the advent of a small rodent in the house, owners begin to be interested in a host of completely new issues for them. Is it possible to bathe a hamster? Is it worth giving rodent meat? What kind of toys does a hamster need? Regarding the latter, we have prepared a short list of possible options. It can be:

Homemade Hamster Toys

DIY Hamster Ladder

Homemade swing for a hamster

Hamsters love to climb various surfaces, climb stairs. It seems that they do not know the fear of heights. In order to please your pet with the opportunity to climb higher, you can make a ladder for him from ice cream sticks. The more sticks – the higher the stairs.

Collect the sticks and scald them with boiling water, in order to remove the remnants of food from them. To glue sticks use non-toxic glue, you can take non-stick. Wait for the glue to dry and the staircase itself will be reliable.

You can hang or put the staircase in the cage, depending on its size and your wishes, or you can use it as a bridge that will lead from one toy to another. In general, fantasize. Your hamster will definitely appreciate it.
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Do-it-yourself maze for a hamster

Rodents like to explore long labyrinths, hide in them. So, give your pet such an opportunity – build a tunnel for him. For its manufacture, you can take several empty pipes from under the toilet paper, filler for hamsters, not very large cardboard boxes. Arm with scissors or a knife as a tool.

Diy Hamster Toys

First, cut the round holes in the cardboard boxes. Their diameter should be the same as the diameter of the pipe. Now cut a few holes in the walls of the box – these will be additional entrances and exits from the maze. Insert pipes into the holes of the boxes and use non-toxic glue to fix them there. Sawdust or filler for hamsters can be poured into the tunnel – then it will not throw too much into the eyes, and it will be more interesting for the hamster to run in it.
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Do-it-yourself two-story house for a hamster

To make a house you will need 2 empty boxes, scissors, a ruler, non-toxic glue, toilet paper tubes, a cloth. By the way, for a house it is better to take boxes that have a cubic shape.

In the boxes, you need to cut a hole of such a diameter so that it is convenient for the hamster to climb into them. Boxes can be put on top of each other and glued together, without forgetting that the holes should look in them in different directions and not be on the same wall.

Using a ruler, measure the distance from the top hole of the house to the floor of the cage – of such sizes you need a ladder or path to the house. How to make a ladder we have already described above. But, you can also make a track from a pipe from under the toilet paper, fasten them with non-toxic glue (if there are several pipes), without forgetting to attach a cloth to the track so that the hamster can more conveniently go up and down the stairs.

Strongly tilted stairs do not need to put the ladder – the hamster will not be very comfortable to climb it.
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Do-it-yourself pipe labyrinth for a hamster

Complex maze for rodent

Another option for the maze involves the use of pipes from under the toilet paper. The more of them, the more difficult the maze you can build. Insert the handset one into the other. But make sure that they do not deform and correspond to the size of each other.

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For reliable fastening of the tube, glue with non-toxic glue. Even if the hamster tries the walls of the labyrinth on the tooth, he will not recover. Try to fix the tubes so that they look in different directions.

An alternative material for the manufacture of the labyrinth may be their container for cereals, boxes of milk.

In order to draw the attention of the hamster to the maze, you can put a treat at its end. Its smell will attract the attention of a rodent to a new toy.

Handicap hamsters

Hamsters love to overcome obstacles. For their manufacture, you can use plastic cups, cardboard tubes, cubes. The main thing is that the material is safe and not painted. Place these objects at the bottom of the cage – you can put them in a small cardboard box, and run the hamster there. He will be interested in overcoming obstacles. And if you spread treats in some places, the hamster will be very happy when he finds them.
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Rules for making homemade hamster toys

In order for the toy made by your hands not to harm the health and life of the hamster, pay attention to such important points as:

Diy Hamster Toys
  • Toys should not have sharp edges or corners, protruding elements that could injure the body of a rodent.
  • Use non-toxic and safe materials to make toys.
  • Before you get the toy out of the cage – make sure that the hamster did not hide in the maze. This will allow you to avoid losing your pet. What to do if a hamster escapes. you can find out here.
  • Get ready for the fact that cardboard toys will not last very long, as the hamster will certainly try to nibble them. However, this is an excellent occasion to make new fun for your beloved rodent.
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Video on how to make homemade hamster toys