Diy Hamster House

Diy Hamster House

Coconut House

To build a comfortable coconut house through small holes, drain the liquid. Place the nut on the table and mark it. The weakest place of a coconut, in addition to the three “eyes”, is considered to be 1/3 of the distance from the base. Take a knife or a kitchen hatchet and hit hard on the coconut, continue to hit until the nut crack. To quickly remove the flesh of a coconut, first place it in the freezer for 12 hours. The “entrance” to the house must have a diameter of at least 5 cm. Sand the hole with sandpaper.

If a tree is at hand

The next design will consist of a wooden board or multilayer plywood 1-3 cm thick. Cut two pieces of 12.5 and 14.5 cm long. The height of the blanks depends on the size of the hamster and your personal preferences. In one of the smaller workpieces, cut a hole with a diameter of 5-6 cm.

Drill two 2.5 cm diameter windows in greater detail. Of course, your furry friend will not look into them, but they will provide adequate ventilation. Sand all parts and holes with sandpaper. Shoot down the parts and make sure that the ends of the nails cannot injure the animal.

Building material – cardboard tubes

Such a “building material” is easy to find in rolls of toilet paper and paper towels. Flatten one tube and cut a semicircle in the center of each side. Perform the same manipulations with the second handset. Insert both tubes into each other so that the holes match.

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Plastic house

To create a plastic house, the familiar plastic container that is used to store food is suitable. The size will depend only on the preferences of your pet and the "filling" of living space.

On the lid of the container, draw a rectangle measuring 45×15 cm and cut with scissors. From a plastic or metal mesh, cut a 50×20 cm rectangle. Use super-glue to attach the mesh to the container lid. Simple manipulations allowed to get ventilation. If you do not want to mess with glue, use bolts and nuts.

If a furry resident of royal blood, and in your plan is the construction of a real palace. Take another container and make ventilation in it as described above. Cut openings on the sides of both containers with a sharp knife and insert a cardboard or plastic tube into it, fix with glue. Remember that the diameter of the tunnel-pipe should be sufficient for the hamster.

Temporary housing

For a temporary house you will need paper towels, a balloon and a container of water. Tear the towels into separate pieces, inflate the ball. Wet each leaf and apply evenly to the ball. After drying, burst the ball, cut the hole-door and remove the ball. This design is short-lived. Since the thrifty rodent will certainly decide to try it "by the tooth."