Choosing A Cage For A Syrian Hamster

Choosing A Cage For A Syrian Hamster

The Syrian hamster will be the best friend to both an adult and a child. But the cage for the Syrian hamster should appear first in your house and only after that a cute animal. You need to approach the purchase responsibly, because in your house the animal will spend a lot of time. When choosing a home you need to consider habits, lifestyle and size of the pet.

How to choose housing for a Syrian?

Choosing A Cage For A Syrian Hamster

On sale you can find models of even more compact sizes, but they are only suitable for carrying animals – the Syrian will not be comfortable living in cramped conditions. To provide the pet with more space, the bird cages are redone – they are tall, so you can equip the second floor in them, and this is what some rodent owners do. But this option has its drawbacks. The safety of the animal is in question, because there are no guarantees that the additional floor is securely fixed.

What could be better for a Syrian than a large cage with wheels and mazes ?! The optimal and inexpensive option is rectangular cages for Syrian hamsters, 3727 cm in size, 36 cm in height.

It is convenient if the second floor is in the middle and extends to the entire space. In the horizontal partition there is a hole for the stairs to go down the stairs.

There are many two-story rodent houses on sale, where the second floors extend to half, it is also convenient, but do not exclude the possibility that the hamster may fall down during active games. There have been cases when, during falls from the second floor, rodents injured their legs, but such situations are rare.

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The best option for the Syrian

The appropriate size of the cage for the Syrian, regardless of the number of storeys, is 5030 cm, at least 25 cm in height with the ability to equip it to your own taste. Often combine two or more dwellings, build mazes between them, connect with terrariums and aquariums.

The house of the Syrian should be spacious, there is a logical explanation for this. In the wild, hamsters have vast steppe territories, their minks are located at a decent distance from each other.

Choosing A Cage For A Syrian Hamster

At the time of buying need to pay attention at the following points:

  1. For a Syrian hamster, size and diameter are more important than the number of storeys.
  2. European experts have determined the standards: the area of ​​the cage for the Syrian hamster should be 1500 square meters. cm, that is, the size of the bottom should not be less than 5030 cm.
  3. Close housing is hazardous to health. The animal may develop physical inactivity, obesity. The hamster in these conditions is unhappy and is unlikely to live up to one and a half years, although the normal lifespan is 2 – 2.5 years.
  4. It is good if the distance between floors is not less than 30 cm.
  5. The door should be wide so that the owner’s hand easily passes through it with the pet.
  6. It is better to choose a dwelling with a solid pallet, the net can injure the animal.

Important: when choosing a house for hamsters of this breed, pay attention to the distance between the rods, which should be from 5 to 10 mm.

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Young Syrian hamsters at ten days of age are able to climb 7-8 mm wide slots, so for breeding you need to buy a dwelling with 5 mm rods.

You can read about filling the cage with the necessary accessories in the article on arranging the cage. And also you will find the necessary information about what else is needed to care for the hamster in the article on what is needed to keep the hamster.