Can Hamsters Have Nuts

Nuts are a favorite treat not only of humans, but also of animals, especially rodents. Quite often, the owners give their pets various nuts. This begs the question – is it possible for hamsters to have nuts. The answer is obvious – of course it is possible, even necessary. Nuts provide proper nutrition for the rodent and are an important source of vitamins in its diet.

Walnuts are not just a treat

Nuts are used not only as a treat. Often, in order to tame a hamster in their hands, owners feed a rodent from their hands. To do this, just take a nut and let the pet eat it from the palm of your hand.

Gradually, the hamster will get used to the owner and will calmly be given into his hands. Be extremely careful, if you do not correctly take the animal in his hands, he may bite you.

It is possible that the first time the hamster does not go into your hands and does not want to take a nut. Then just leave the nut in the cage, let the rodent feast on you, and try this procedure next time. Over time, the hamster will understand that you do not wish him harm, get used to you and sit quietly in your arms.

The same goes for new toys, swings and accessories for the hamster. Just put a nut there and the rodent will climb into a new toy and test it.

But do not forget about the measure, 1-2 nuts a day are enough to not feed and harm your little pet.

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Can Hamsters Have Nuts

What other nuts can be given to a rodent?

Rodent nutrition can be varied not only with walnuts, but also with hazelnuts, peanuts or cashews. Sometimes a pet can be pampered with pumpkin, sunflower or sesame seeds.

Some owners do not consider it necessary to peel these healthy products and offer their pets an unpeeled treat. This can not be done in any case!

Rodents put food in cheek pouches and can be injured by sharp pieces of the shell, harm the mucous membrane of the mouth and even break teeth. Also, you can not treat your pet with roasted or salted nuts and seeds.

What nuts can not be fed to rodents

But not all nuts are good for hamsters. Some harm the delicate body of the pet or even lead to death.

Nuts prohibited for rodents:

  • Almonds, apricot, peach and plum kernels contain hydrocyanic acid and toxins that are toxic to rodents.
  • Brazil nut – not suitable for small rodents, as poorly absorbed by the digestive system of the animal, such a nut contains a lot of vegetable fats and is difficult for the hamster’s stomach.
  • Acorns have a very high content of starch, sugars, tannins and fatty oils, which is undesirable for a fragile hamster organism.

Can hamsters be given pine nuts

If you have a question, can hamsters have pine nuts? Then do not hesitate, of course you can. In addition to walnuts, hamsters feed on various dry foods, grains, beans, wheat, various kinds of nuts and dried fruits, among them pine and walnuts, peanuts, hazelnuts and others.

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The hamster’s diet can be changed by introducing a new type of product every day. Do not give the hamster more than two to three nuts a day. Pine nuts are nutritious enough and high in calories for a hamster; they contain carbohydrates, vitamins, sucrose, and various oils.

Pine nuts can be given a little more than walnuts, as they vary significantly in size. But again, do not forget about the norm, do not overfeed your pet so that there are no problems with digestion and health.


If you summarize and answer questions regarding whether hamsters can have nuts and which ones? That answer will be as follows – it is possible, but within the permissible norm, literally a couple of nuts a day. Various types of nuts are possible – peanuts, hazelnuts, cashews, walnuts and cedar. The main thing to know that proper nutrition will ensure a long and healthy life for your pet.