Can Hamsters Have Nuts And Which Ones

Can Hamsters Have Nuts And Which Ones

A favorite delicacy for all domestic rodents is nuts, because happy owners of hamsters often treat their pets with various nuts. After all, these fruits have a lot of useful properties and are an indispensable source of the whole vitamin complex necessary for the proper nutrition of rodents.

However, before introducing nuts into the diet of your pets, you should carefully study all the nuances, namely: which of them can be given to hamsters without harm to health.

Can hamsters have walnuts?

For many owners of domestic rodents, the topic of compiling the proper diet of their pets becomes a real dilemma. Can hamsters have walnuts? The answer to the question lies in the component composition of the fruit. Keeping a rich supply of useful trace elements in walnuts makes them an ideal product in the hamsters daily menu. But abuse such a treat is not worth it. Excessive consumption can lead to obesity. Representatives of small rodent species are especially prone to rapid weight gain. Eating in moderation will only benefit the overall health of the animal. Two nuts a day will be enough, Dzhungar hamsters should be given no more than one per day.

Walnuts can not only provide a domestic rodent with all the necessary minerals and vitamins, but also help the owner tame their pet. To do this, you should offer the product to the hamster from the palm of his hand, so that he gradually gets used to this manner of serving tasty treats, becoming more and more trusting and affectionate to his master.

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What other nuts can be given to a rodent?

Can Hamsters Have Nuts And Which Ones

Hazelnuts are a valuable source of vegetable protein, but the amount of their consumption should be monitored. Since this type of nuts contains a large percentage of fats (from 60 to 70%), it is not recommended to treat your pets with hazelnuts more than twice a week. Dzungarian hamsters and do need to divide it into four parts, giving only one piece.

With the introduction of peanuts in the diet you need to be extremely careful. It is strictly forbidden to give rodents salty or sweet foods that have been heat-treated. Hamsters should eat fresh peanuts 3 times a week, offering half their pets.

Without exception, all domestic rodents love pine nuts. They can safely pamper their pets without being greedy in serving sizes – 4 pieces for Syrian hamsters and 1 nut for a Dzungarian hamster.

Cashews are rich in vitamin E, a deficiency of which can lead to skin diseases in hamsters. Because half of the cashew fruit per day for a rodent is a real preventive measure for health.

Controversy among experts raises the question of the permissibility of pistachios in the diet of hamsters. According to some sources, adding variety to the usual rodent menu does not affect their health. However, before deciding to offer pistachios to your favorites, you should first get advice from an experienced veterinarian.

What nuts can not be fed to rodents

Almonds are strictly prohibited for hamsters because of the presence of hydrocyanic acid in their fruits. Its effect on rodents is equated with poison, as is the case with the seeds of plums, apricots and peaches.

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Small breeds of hamsters because of their weak digestive system should not be given Brazil nuts, they are poorly digested and can cause heaviness in the stomach.

The fragile body is also contraindicated in acorns, which are dominated by starch, sugar, fatty oils and tannins.

Precautionary measures

Can Hamsters Have Nuts And Which Ones

General useful tips and advice on creating a high-quality diet with the introduction of nuts in the daily menu will help maintain the health of your beloved pet:

  • Do not give preference to only one species, alternate different nuts in the rodent menu.
  • Nuts should be exclusively raw without any additives.
  • The use of nut pastes or oils by hamsters is strictly prohibited.
  • Inshell peanuts are a direct enemy to the health of the oral cavity and the teeth of hamsters, therefore it is important to clean them of hard peels before offering them to pets in order to avoid wounds on the cheek pouches.

Compliance with all the tips and recommendations on the introduction of hamsters into the diet of nuts will ensure the perfect health of the pet. Thanks to tasty and healthy treats, you can tame a rodent to your hands.